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PearlyMae's Big Adventure to get Little

Dance I

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My first HCG Dance was with drops in 2012, with a starting weight of about 154. I got them from a girl friend who lost a great deal of weight and looked fabulous. She sold them to me with three-page print out of instructions.

I struggled for 49 days and lost 17 pounds. As our friend Kansas says: WHOT???

Looking back, I am not sure if the drops had any hHCG in them, or if they were out of date, but while weight did come off, and it was hard and slow.

I did perfect Phases 3 and 4, finishing on Thanksgiving Day. I was greatly disappointed (hah! That's what they call an Understatement!) by the promise that once I lost the weight my “metabolism will change” and I could eat anything I wanted and not regain. I put back about half the weight lost by Christmas. After the holidays, I took two series of steroids for a sinus infection and two steroid shots for heel pain (which turned out to be Plantar Fasciitis, which I now know is related to my thyroid problems). By mid-February, I was up to 173 pounds. So net Dance I, I gained 19 pounds.

No, it is not either funny! Stop laughing.

In July 2013, I was laid off from my job, and decided now was the time to lose the weight. I played golf three or four times a week and walked my dogs for half an hour a day. I tried to stay around 1,500 calories a day, drank loads of water, and cut out all the fat I possibly could. Years ago, I read and followed Suzanne Somers Somersizing books and I really agreed that fat-free stuff is terrible for you, full of sugars, starches and unpronounceable fillers, but everyone else dieted that way, so could 50 million people be wrong? Evidently, because 6 months later, I had lost a grand total of 7.2 pounds.

I finally got it that Calorie In Calorie Out was not gonna cut it. So I made a new plan and that became Dance II.

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