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PearlyMae's Big Adventure to get Little

Dance II

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So, Dance I was a bust... but there was something about it that said HCG had potential. I am not good at doing things halfway, and I started to read about it and research it and finally decided to try it again.

I made a plan to start a “real HCG” Dance after the holiday. I went to a local spa that advertised HCG, and this time I got a book based on Simeon’s Pounds and Inches, and I got B-12 shots once a week as part of the package. I found the HCG Diet Info forum, and found the support and information I needed to learn this so-simple but so-complex way of "dieting."

My Dance II was two Rounds, with loses of 22.2 pounds in Round 1 and 16.8 in Round 2. I hit my goal of getting under 130 and my LIW was 126.8. Woohoo. I'm 5'4 and a QUARTER inches tall (Let's never forget that extra 1/4th inch!) and I was 60 years old during Dance II. Honestly, I thought I was 35, but my driver's license says otherwise. It is still a surprise to me!

I stabilized between rounds so perfectly, I thought this was going to be a snap. I stabilized in P3 after the 2nd Round so well, I never needed a correction day. I hit p4 the end of June. I thought 'This time I GOT this!'

Then it started to get difficult. Every time I traveled that summer, I jumped up 3 to 5 pounds and could only get half of it off with correction days. I’m terrible at Steak Days, as I am very hypoglycemic and I absolutely can’t fast. I get shaky and achy and light headed, so that’s a no go. By the end of August, I started hitting 8 to 9 pounds over LIW and got very discouraged.

In hindsight, I had trouble getting my bio-identical hormones refilled in August and September, then got the wrong Rx, and by the time that was all straightened out and I was on track, it was almost October and I had regained most of my R2 losses.

See, I am pretty darn good at P2 and P3, but that P4...that's the hardest part!

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