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Dance III

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January 2014: Could this be the Last Dance?

Since the Alice Round was so terrible, I am not counting it! It was a Nasty Dance, and does not deserve a Roman Numeral.

2014 was “My Clean-Up Round,” back up to 149.4 after loading. Yep, regained all of the Alice Round losses instantly, and more.

I ordered HCG and supplies online and followed the mixing instructions found on this Forum. 29-day P2, got back to 8 pounds over LIW and did a 23 day P3 and “cycled” back in for two weeks. That Cycle of 14 days got me to within 0.8, so I figured that was close enough.

In P3, I went immediately over that LIW, but stayed in the 2 pound window easily enough until I had to travel again. Came back 3.6 over and started to climb. Again. Second verse, same as the first. A little bit louder and a little bit worse....?

No. No. A thousand times NO. I am fond of the HCG protocol but I don't. Want. To do it. Again. Read my lips, NO! I do P2 great, I do P3 really well. THIS TIME, I gotta figure out P4! You know, LIFE? Life and P4 have got to find a way to coexist.

So, the difference this time? I did not throw up my hands and quit. Since correction days are really hard for me, I just kept eating as cleanly as I could. I figured even 6 or 7 pounds over LIW was a whole lot better than when I was 40 pounds heavier. I seemed to be terribly, terribly sensitive to any sugar. One piece of birthday cake on day 21 of P4 and I gained 3 pounds overnight!

I just kept plugging away, getting 5 to 6 pounds up and then whittling it back down to 3 pounds over, but never getting back in the window. 77 days above LIW.

But life is about Balance and last time my hormones got unbalanced when I let an Rx lapse...and my weight crept back on. Now it was time to look at everything else and see if it maybe wasn't the half bite of cookie that was making me pop up 3 pounds over night. SOMETHING else must be going on. I swear, I really do eat clean.


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