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Dancing Backwards...

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In October, 2013, I tried to do a new Dance, but either I could not get my head into it, or the HCG from the spa was out of date. I prefer to think it was THEM not ME, but of course, it was likely just ME. Dang it.

The spa Nurse mentioned one day that they were going to go to EpiPens so they could give customers a full 30 days of doses at once. I asked them how that would work, since HCG loses potency at about 21 days, and they just said, “No, it doesn’t.” Eeek.

I always asked them to mix only 2 weeks’ worth of HCG at a time, but were they doing it? How could I know?

I could not find the right dose that Dance. I skipped days, lowered the dose from the original 175 they gave me to 150, to 135, to 125, to 100 to 110… hungry all of the time. Starving. Cheating. Lost 6.8 pounds the first week, gained 3 the second week, lost that 3 again the third week, lost 2.2 the fourth week… and gave up. Miserable the whole time. I finally was back within 6 pounds of my old LIW, but I was so sick of P2 and so tired of being hungry, I just quit. No, I stopped. I didn't quit. I took a break.

Looking back, I'm not sure how I stuck it out as long as I did. 4 weeks of either bad HCG or PearlyMae's Bad Attitude? It must have been all the great support on the HCG Threads: There were so many of them: Kansas, Janeen, Carry, Blak Porsche, Candi, Thinner Every Day, TanyaMac, WaterNai, Abs Again, GALibrarian, and Grammy, of course! So many others!

I was going to do a planned interruption over a trip in November, but I ended up not coming back to it. I did not do a careful P3/4 at all. I just threw up my hands and decided to give it some time.

I call that my Alice Round, as I kept taking potions that made me smaller, then bigger, then smaller, then bigger…. !

But, because I could not admit defeat to all my Thread Buddies, I planned a Dance III.

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