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Loving where you are

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So I should have been home by now. A little change in travel plans. I had to stay longer for work and am not certain right now how long. I am hoping I will be home by the middle of the week and if not at least by Fri as I have a doctor appointment about doing my next round. I have to say I was ready to be home a week ago. This trip has been relatively stressful and I have gotten off plan a few times. Not that far off but i did gain a considerable amount. i have gotten a good portion of it off but it will take time to get the rest off as I am not willing to do a correction day every day. it scares me how quickly the weight piles on for me especially if I have alcohol and more than a little carbs. And when I am stressed I want wine. Or is it that I want to wine!! You know my rounds went pretty smoothly. I don't have a family near and have never been tempted or hungry as others have on this plan. This has been my longest break in between rounds and I am getting to observe my eating patterns with stress, hormones, boredom and emotionalism this time. I am getting ready to do my 5th round and consider myself lucky that I have not experienced any of this till now. I am trying not to judge it all that much as I just don't want to beat myself up anymore. It is what it is and I have to pick myself up and get back in the game. In a way it is good this has happened as I get to learn my triggers and how to deal with them better and how to get back on that horse. Hopefully I can get in that saddle quicker each time. This is a lifetime journey and I wouldn't be here if I didn't have anything to learn from it. I saw a lot of people on this trip that have not seen me in awhile. Quite a few of them say I look 10 years younger. I think they are right. when I look at before pictures I am shocked that I looked like that. I like where I am at right now. Where I am at would be big for most people but I am pretty comfortable. I have a little more ways to go but I am feeling good about where I am too. I have a quote on my bathroom mirror that says " I love myself just as I am and still I want to grow" (or something like that) I think that sums it up. Hope you are enjoying your journey!

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  1. We should be proud's Avatar
    Congratulations for all your hard work. Don't you ever forget to look back and see how much you have overcome. One of the hardest things I have done is acepting the fact that my weight is something that I will always have to watch and control. The journey is long but is so much fun when you are healthy and in good shape... keep on going.