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I notice that I am repeating a pattern here. I eat something that either is something I shouldn't eat or I eat a bit too much and I am up a couple of pounds the next day. I do a correction day and am back down and then I repeat the exact same thing. It is like I am so hungry the day after the correction day I eat everything in sight and or it is emotional eating. I need to stop this roller coaster as I don't think it is that healthy to do this many correction days. I find that I get a little anxious and end up eating when I feel that way. I am eating healthy things like nuts but just too many of them. I am observing this pattern and I know that is the first step to making a change. Hopefully I will get to the cause and get off the roller coaster. I leave for Az tomorrow and think I will do P3 for most of the trip. I ended P2 3 months ago so I may also be getting a little sloppy. Need to pull the reins back in and get my head back on straight.

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  1. Newjulie's Avatar
    Hey P, Funny you mentioned eating patterns. I am reading Weight Loss Apocalypse and that is one of the things she talks about --- that we are focused too much on the wt loss and not enough on the emotional issues each of us may have around food and eating. I have that same pattern in P3 and P4 that you described. I would eat the wrong (healthy) thing (for me) and then be up and then do a correction day. I was also concerned about the lack of nutrients when doing multiple correction days for me and for my group. We all pulled back into a eat clean mode and that worked as well -- just took a little longer. Maybe you can give that a try --- you already mentioned P3 eating for your trip so I think you will be fine. The trip is probably coming at a good time since it will break you out of your pattern and I know you are diligent when you travel.

    I agree with you that acknowledging the pattern is the first step toward conquering it. I know the emotional eating is something I need to address now or I will not have Long term success. I plan on doing a Leptin Reset in P3 of this round just to insure that any hormonal imbalance is corrected too! Oh God, I hope so!

    I hope you have a great time in AZ --- Be safe and Be cool! Talk soon!