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Pretty exciting

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One of my goals was to be able to fit into yoga clothes at Lucy's. I just happened to be at a mall today and there happened to be a Lucy's. Not only was I able to fit into their clothes but I didn't have to buy the largest size in everything. Can't say I really needed everything I bought but I treated myself all the same. it sure feels good to look at my list and see another goal accomplished. I am doing a 21 day yoga challenge right now. It may be at home but a girl can still look good!

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  1. Rivyn's Avatar
    Yay!!!!! What a feeling right?! Especially when you don't have to buy the largest size, that's like a double achievement! My main goal was to fit into my work clothes and suits before I came back from maternity leave. I was so happy the shirts fit, and my pants had to all be taken in in the hips. I'm glad you're having fun shopping!
  2. GonnaLoseIt's Avatar