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Round 5 VLCD begins

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Starting Round 5. Loading is done and I am 10.6 above my LIW. Can't blame it all on loading. Luckily it will come off quickly and I will be back on track. I am anxious to get back to my LIW as I feel it in my midriff. Every round that I have done has been so different I really don't know what to expect and taking such a long break makes you forget. Maybe that is good. It will be interesting to see how my body responds after a four month break. Hoping for a good round.

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  1. MeganP's Avatar
    Good luck !
  2. Newjulie's Avatar
    Hey P --- GIddy Up! I'll bet you it will be like round 1! Its been a long time for you. You have done a great job og holding down your losses.

    I'll be here waiting to hear about your losses and issues. Any way I can help, just let me know.

  3. HealthierMel's Avatar
    Good luck on your Round . . . Do you really need luck? I dunno . . . You pretty much always rock it .