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Back in the saddle

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VLCD 1 went smoothly. Down 2.5#. Got a little hungry before bed but no biggie. I forgot how good you can feel on HCG. I know it isn't always like that but yesterday was one of those days and I was lovin it. Really wanted some coffee this am so I am trying a really weak one since I don't like it without cream. Not my favorite. If only I could inject it!

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  1. Newjulie's Avatar
    What a great Day 1 loss!!! For coffee, I use the Instant Flavored Tasters Choice - comes in pkts in a box of 20. I use Hazelnut OR Vanilla. It is mild and with the flavored stevia in it, i really dont miss the cream/milk. I dont even use it when I am allowed. I even take packets with me when I go out --- stevia too! Everything else tastes too strong to me now. Just a thought!

    You are going to rock this round --- i can feel it. OK -- Going to exercise. Its a little dreary here. I am thinking of buying a bike (2 wheeler), any suggestions? Maybe I should just get the big tricycle with the basket and be done with it. XOXO
  2. HealthierMel's Avatar
    Hey there you two.

    I found some free tme and a computer, so I decided to check in and give an update. I agree with you that being on hcg does make you feel better, from inside out I think.

    Good luck on your Round.