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Stopping negative self talk

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Have you noticed how many negative things woman say about their bodies or the food they are about to eat? It is becoming more and more evident to me on this journey to wellness that we really need to observe the things we are saying and only speak positively about ourselves, our weight, looks and body parts even the things we eat. I went to lunch with a friend today and because I am being more conscious of this I noticed how many negative things she said about the different items on the menu. She said negative things about her weight, about her journey in losing weight and probably more. I was observing and thinking that it is interesting. It also bothered me. I don't want to eat anything with negative vibes on it. How healthy is that? I know I too have made negative comments about myself. I am thinking right now of a friend telling me how thin I look and my responding something about my flapping arms and how i could use some plastic surgery. This doesn't serve me. I want to stop that. I know that the spoken word has power and that whatever we put our attention on grows. Somehow I don't think that people that have a healthy relationship with their bodies and food make negative comments about themselves or label food as good and bad. I have started to observe the things I say about myself more and I am wanting to stop the negative self talk. I feel that this is part of my journey to health, to loving myself more and to attracting the healthy relationship that I want with my body and with food. I also have to say that right now I am uncertain if I want to continue to surround myself with people that constantly put themselves down especially about their weight, body and food. I am not certain how to approach this. I care about these friends but I also believe in right association and surrounding ourselves with people of like spirit. Hopefully at some point I will be able to talk with these friends about my journey and where i am at and what I am working on and maybe it will inspire them to join me in being more positive about themselves and food. I know I am going to work on this. I am making a commitment to do that. I really want to say only positive things about myself from here on out. God give me the strength to see this through.

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  1. Newjulie's Avatar
    Hey P, I think I know you well enough to say "YOU can do anything you decide to do!"

    I think this is a good move for all of us. Just being aware of our thoughts is a bug leap forward.

    How are things? You doing good otherwise?