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Going into P4 this week. That came quicker than I thought. I have been staying relatively stable within my 2 lbs with a correction day here and there. Traveling again starting today. My intentions are to stay stong and hopefully that goes well. This is truly a learning experience maintaining even just when in between rounds. I am grateful we have the breaks between rounds because it gives us the chance to learn how to do it. I see too many other folks on other programs quit before maintaince and gain everything back. Of course I see people gain everything back here too which reinforces the fact that we constantly have to be diligent with what we are eating. A friend asked if I was going to eat whatever I wanted on vacation. I said no, this is how I eat now and I am comfortable with that. I may choose to indulge occasionally but it is no longer the norm. God willing I continue to have the perseverance to maintain.

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