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Beginning of VLCD4...so after 3 full days the scale said....

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Down 1.6 pounds. That is a total loss of 5.4 pounds. I should be excited but for some reason I am disappointed. I think after reading many stories of others, before I started this, I think I thought I would lose as dramatically as those other folks. BUT I tell myself that down is good! I am not going up and am not staying the same. I tell myself I am executing this plan, for life, and that if I were lucky enough stay on this course, I could be down 20 pounds in under a month. NOW thats worth being excited about. One small victory at a time.

Oh but the hunger....the growling never seems to stop. I am beginning to wonder if being hungry is just a new way of life and one must get used to it. Maybe it gets better in week 2. I have read that happens for some. I hope so!

BTW I sliced an apple last night, sprinkled with cin & stevia, sprinkled a little water over the top and baked for about 30 minutes in a 325 oven. It was sweet, yummy and satisfying if you havent tried it!

Before load 162.8
After load 163.8
Day 1 161.4
Day 2 160.0
Day 3 158.4

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  1. Newjulie's Avatar
    Ma Petite! Do not be disappoionted, please! Down is good - up - not so much! you have lost 6 lbs and that's terrific. You are just about down a size in clothing, no? At the very least you should feel a difference in how things fit and look?

    I dont know about the hunger. Maybe eat celery during the day to add fiber wo many calories? Do you need more protein? Heavier protein? Since this is only my first week as well, I dont have many concrete suggestions.

    Is it possible to take a supplement to curb your appetite with HCG? There is something called Glucomanan that is pretty much fiber in a bottle. It is actually what the miracle noodles are made of. You may get a little bloated from this but if it helps you feel satisfied then it should be worth it. I got some at GNC. Just a thought!

    I love the Apple trick. I have tried it and there is a spice called Apple Pie spice you may wish to try. BTW, there is also a SF Gum called Apple Pie Dessert and it really does taste like a slice of apple pie. I know we are not supposed to have gum but I need to chew on something and it helps my breath ---- yuck!

    When do you need to replensih your HCG? Maybe you need to switch forms? Hang in there! 20 lbs in a month is outstanding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Petitegirl's Avatar
    Thanks for checking in on me! I greatly appreciate the support woman!

    Are you not hungry Julie? Cuz I am hungry most of the time, really hungry. I read that appetite suppressants really shouldn’t be taken while on hcg but if anyone knows different just post it out there.

    I am on hcg1234. I guess I don’t even know what else to switch to for drops. I wont go the doctor/injection route. What are you on?

    And I am pleased. I just am so instant gratification its ridiculous! LOL Being on these forums is kinda like being on the Biggest Loser! You are so happy for others and want to be supportive but yet at the same time, you kinda want to pull big numbers if others are and you aren’t! LOL

    It's all good though! I am encouraged and will continue! Have an easy hcg day!
  3. curvygirl63's Avatar
    Hang in there. You are only on Day 4. After the first week it does get better.

    The hunger may be a result from how you loaded on the first two days. If you didn't focus on fatty foods and ate more sugary foods like donuts and sweets for most of your load foods, you didn't load well enough or if you held back on your eating.

    I learned that when I loaded the first time, I had to eat until I was almost sick - burgers, pizza, burrito mostly fatty food with a few donuts thrown in. It went against everything I knew or did but I trusted the process and didn't have any problems the first week.

    Are you doing injections, drops or pellets?

    Be patient, trust the process, read pounds and inches, look at success stories on YouTube and you should be fine.

    Good luck.
  4. Petitegirl's Avatar
    Hi Everyone, thanks for the posts/comments. I use hcg1234 drops. When these drops are out, I think I will switch to hcgdiet drops. To see if there is a difference in hunger. I ordered two bottles of hcg1234 but my husband is doing this for one round and I will be doing two rounds, therefore I will need more. I use Smooth Tea so trips to the bathroom are not a problem. I did my best on loading, I only gained a pound. BUT I did eat burgers, fries, breakfast sandwiches, 2x baked potatoes, béarnaise sauce, stuffing, choc, muffins and donuts. AND ABSOLUTELY being on the forum, reading success stories, watching YouTube videos helps keep me motivated for sure! I do not mix veggies. So far I have stuck to the same menu, maybe that a problem and I need to switch it up. 3.5 ounces of grilled chix and cuke for lunch and grilled chix with romaine lettuce with apple cider vinegar for dinner. Thanks again.