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Oh the lessons learned......

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That yummy pizza and wine I had Friday....SO NOT WORTH IT! I am still one pound over what I weighed in at on Friday morning. The good news is that I only have one pound to go. Maybe then I can feel like I am back on track and this journey may be worth the agony. I bought an appetite suppressant yesterday. I am not sure if this is "approved protocol" and honestly I dont care. I started taking them yesterday and they helped with the hunger pains.

My daughter turns 21 Thursday and I am a little nervous about her big family bday celebration on Sunday. I now know the damage one cheating meal can do and how hard it is to undo the damage.

Stats below for anyone thinking about going off the beaten path!

Pre load 162.8
Post load 163.8
VLCD2 161.4
VLCD3 160.0
VLCD4 158.4
VLCD5 157.4
VLCD6 162.0 Morning after pizza
VLCD7 Didnt bother
VLCD8 159.2
VLCD9 158.4

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  1. MickiG's Avatar
    I am sorry you are having trouble getting back on track....how was your day today?
    One of my girls' birthday is today. I got her a baby cake (huge gourmet cupcake) so I will have an easier time.
    I am missing sweets something terrible!
    How is your hunger?
    Hope you are doing better.