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P2 Day 24

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I am disappointed in my .2 lbs loss, I re weighed myself yesterday after posting since I hadn't had anything yet and I actually showed a .4 lb loss instead of no loss. I'm feeling icky though so I went ahead and drank a bottle of mag cit since I haven't gone in a while. I am hoping that gets things rolling again.
I had a very aggravating moment yesterday. I sat down with my husband while he had lunch and ordered an unsweet tea with no ice I figured I could at least have that while out. The waiter brought me a sweet tea, which I didn't realize was sweat until after the first sip, I feel like I was dying, its like it went straight to my head and I couldn't have had more than half a teaspoon worth of it, just enough to realize it was sweet. I got the drink remedied and I told my husband from now on he has to test my drinks before I drink them. He's amused by this. But it upset me a lot.
I am happy that I can put my belt down another notch this morning though even if I haven't lost much. I guess my body is reshaping. We'll see what tomorrow brings as always.

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  1. Dubbles's Avatar
    When u work so hard to get it done, it is frustrating when little things happen like that, that aren't even your own fault. So I understand your irritation. Heh, u are going to have a few ups and some small downs while doing this protocol. Just remember, we didn't get where we are in a matter of short weeks or days, and it will get done, however long it takes, if we just stay on task. U're doing great, don't get discouraged or very disappointed by what seems like tiny fluctuations, either up or down. You're doing a great job.
  2. PhenixPriestess's Avatar
  3. Sleclerc's Avatar
    Afternoon phenix. I was up eight ounces today..sometimes you will stall or gain and u did everything right.