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Day 25 and Maths

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Woke up to a .5 kilo loss. YAY! If I keep up that pace, I will be under 100 by the end of this 40 day round and that will make me super duper happy. I have not been under a 100 kilos for over a year now. PLEASE GET THERE!!!

I'm avoiding red meat. I have had the bread sticks twice lately as a small snack - rather than diving into the bags of chips we have here. I am drinking HEAPS of water and tea. I'm trying to sleep better.

All in all, I feel pretty good. I know I can make it til March 1 and I am might even extend this round a bit to ensure I am below my 100kilos.


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  1. Faithful's Avatar
    YAY for the loss! You are developing some really great habits. Diligence will help you meet your goal!
  2. photogfrog's Avatar
    Watching the numbers fall helps MORE!