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No movement but I regret nothing

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Sunday was a bit of a bad day. I took the dip to a friend's house since she is down in the dumps. I ate some of it with corn chips. Bad bad bad, I know.

For my efforts this AM, I was rewarded with a zero move on the scale. At least I didn't gain!! I regret nothing. I enjoyed the 6 chips I had with dip!!! I ate well for the rest of the day.

After last week's steady losses, I am hopeful I can reach my short term goal of 100 kilos by March 1. If I can lose .3 kilos a day from now til March 1, I'd be very close.

This coming weekend is another party/BBQ. I'm the driver so I won't give in to the drink but food will be my downfall. I'll place myself FAR from the food table!!

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  1. Tonks's Avatar
    I think it was "Evil Saturday" yesterday. I was blue...being honest I was depressed. It felt like the world was crashing down on me. All I could think about was food. I'm P2D19 down 18.6 lbs. I haven't cheated at all. My daughter gave me the pep talk "you're down such in such you're doing great".blah,blah. When you're down you're down. Who cares. I needed self medication with food. I cried but didn't cheat. I dreamed about eating a Snickers miniature. I weight this morning loss nothing. At least I didn't gain. I bought DH a large Milky Way yesterday and forgot to give it to him. I open my purse at church today and there staring at me is the Milky Way. I did think about going in the bathroom and eating the whole thing but I resisted. I'm afraid if I fall off the wagon I'll eat the whole wagon then start on the horses. Ok,I vented and feel better. Thanks.