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R2 is going well. Down 5 kilos (11lbs) in 10 days. **** YEAH!
I wore a swimsuit yesterday and felt good about it. YES!

On my blog, I was taking about my recent losses. A friend asked to see pics, so I posted some. I thought I would share here. I am not even remotely close to being near my goal, but being UNDER 100 KILOS is making me feel like SuperWoman!!!

Me over Xmas. When I saw this pic on the camera, I almost deleted it. I don't know why I didn't:

The last week in Canada:

Once back in Australia, Jan 21, 2012, 114.8 kilos!

March 18th, 2012 (about 102 kilos):

Today (98.9 kilos):

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  1. Faithful's Avatar
    Hi Photofrog, thanks for checking in and giving an update! Sounds like you are doing AWESOME! I took a glance at the pictures... WOW! You are looking great, I can really see a big difference! Keep up the good work.
  2. mcrider1996's Avatar
    Wow you should be so proud of yourself. Looking GREAT!!
  3. mntnharleygirl's Avatar
    you look incredible, and those pants are getting too big lol =) Congrats !!! great job !!