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What I've learned....

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I have been realizing a lot of things about myself lately. I really think that for me the key to my hcg success so far is a 40 day P2 and not cheating. I lost 27 lbs in P2, stabilized well in P3 and have transitioned to P4 quite easily while still losing a couple of more lbs.
What has changed for me is my feelings towards food. Food has been a comfort for me for as long as I can remember. Once my migraines disappeared after starting P2 my outlook on food changed from comfort to fuel for my body.
I have yoyo'd with the scale for the past 15 years. Whenever I lost weight I was never comfortable accepting a compliment from somebody about how I looked because I still wasn't happy with myself. Now, I have gone from 209 to 177 and i feel wonderful. When people tell me I look good I happily accept their compliments because I am finally proud of myself.
I have started running again and it is so much easier to run with 30 lbs less. It's great alone time and almost therapeutic for me.
My 3rd week of P4 ends on Thursday and I'm not going to rush to another round. I am going to continue to give my body the fuel it needs and run every other day like I have been.
When I do decide to do another round in the Fall DH will be doing it with me. The support here is great but it will also be so good to have someone who is physically there for me.

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  1. jeni84's Avatar
    I loved reading this, very inspirational. I hope that my P3 starts being more like yours. I am really struggling these last couple days. I have not had ANY SUGAR or Starch, but I feel bloated and feel like im gaining. Here is hoping I can get some of your good fortune!