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  1. What I've learned....

    I have been realizing a lot of things about myself lately. I really think that for me the key to my hcg success so far is a 40 day P2 and not cheating. I lost 27 lbs in P2, stabilized well in P3 and have transitioned to P4 quite easily while still losing a couple of more lbs.
    What has changed for me is my feelings towards food. Food has been a comfort for me for as long as I can remember. Once my migraines disappeared after starting P2 my outlook on food changed from comfort to fuel for ...
  2. Vlcd1....

    Black coffee for the first time in my life. YUK! I drank it I am determined but just wish I wasn't doing this alone. I did get here on my own. I love to eat. Emotional eating is my thing. I need to find something to do instead.
    Eating was interesting today. After not having meat for 4 years I ate chicken two times! It wasn't so bad but I really need to figure out how to season it. Cooking is NOT my thing!
    Hopefully the scale will be good to me tomorrow morning!