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R2 Week one

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Today has been a week of eating VLCD. I have lost 15lbs. I gained 8 on loading so I think alot of that weight was not actul weight but a reaction to something I ate. This week I have been eating the same things and being good. I rotate....onions cooked in Coconut oil then adding lean ground beef (favorite), boiled chicken that I either make chicken and lettuce with fake honey mustard dressing or just the chicken with another veggie-I cover the chicken in the honey mustard dressing and call it BBQ chicken. I have also come up with a wonderful way to eat fish. I take canned tomato, water---boil with spices then add fish ( I add double fish) the best part is the hot sauce and I usually only eat the fish (and whatever tomato sticks to it) and a few sips of the soup part as I dont want too many carbs from the tomato.

Cant wait for the end!!!

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