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Day 2 no hcg

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182.25 (+3.75) Yes, I am up from my lowest. I have also been eating P3 style with the hcg still in my system. I seem to be having a problem getting my blood sugar to stabilize. I went for a run again yesterday and my plan is to just eat Atkins style and exercise until I stabilize out. I am also sick again with all this crud in my face and chest. My body is worn out. I feel like I will be able to get back to 180 or maybe even 179 and hold....it's just going to take some time. Yesterday I had a steak and broccoli and one 2% fage. I'm not eating horrible I'm just still paying the price for all the sugar I had for two days in a row trying not to pass out. I feel ok with where I am....especially in the grand scheme of my health. January I will start round 6.

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