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178.75.....(-.75) Two injections left....need 3.75 at least. Feeling good. I feel much smaller all of a sudden. Just for the record, this round i have changed NONE of my beauty products. Nothing. I'm using lotion, shampoo, cond., bubble bath, everything. I have lost 24.5 lbs so far this round. So I am not seeing that it has made a difference at all. Not to mention that my hair and skin look better on this round. No bm in about 3 or 4 days so hopefully today that will work itself out. A friend of mine brought me a stack of clothes in size 10's and 12's....they all fit, even the 10's. Makes me very happy to say the least. I plan on getting in my walk today too. I just don't go as fast or as hard on P2 but it makes me feel so much better. I'll ramp it up next week. I am looking forward to P3 but I am going to have to be very diligent in watching the 2 lb window. I have to stabilize in the 70's. I am done with hcg for the year and will hit it again in January. Actually I will probably start reloading on New Year's Eve. I think that will be a good long break for my body and my mind. TGIF!!!!

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  1. thislady's Avatar
    Hi there,
    I see that you are having a hard time going to the bathroom. Wondering if you have tried the Smooth Move tea and the Yerba Mate tea? Both of those are suppose to help. I have not had the problem so far but am only in week 2! I do drink half a gallon of water a day also. I am also using lotion, conditioner etc. with no problems on weight loss. I am so encouraged to hear that you have lost 24.5 lbs so far! My goal is 23 pounds and this is my first round so just really hope I can make it! I also am doing the injections.
    Your post has inspired me with your success! Thanks!