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2.5 days Until R2 and Some Realizations

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Well I am almost completely over my cold !
*breathes a sigh of relief*
I realized a few things today. . .
1.) I am loading in 2.5 days and therefore will start losing weight again which makes me beyond ecstatic.
2.) I will for the next 40-50 days NO longer be able to drink my iced Americano's with cream and Splenda which makes me sad beyond belief.
3.) I am loading in 2.5 days which means I need to start planning and get my head into the game and stop crying about my soon to be lack of fancy coffee drinks!

So these realizations brought me to the following conclusion and something I didn't realize while in R1P1.
While on my first round, I probably like most who entered this journey hemmed and hawed about lack of food options and the endless days of watching your family, kids and friends eat yummy food while I/we sat with our meager little portions of bland food. I entered P3 ecstatic and eager to have the freedom to eat a larger variety of foods, it wasn't really until a few days ago that I felt the loss of what P2 offered me and a new found appreciation for P2. It wasn't that I didn't appreciate P2 before it's just that I didn't appreciate P2 while I was in P2. We all started this diet to lose weight and gain control of our lives and our health. It's easy to get bored in P2 and forget why we started this journey. I mean come on what is giving up my fancy coffee drinks in exchange for a healthy, hot new body!
I am here to remind myself and all of you that when I/we get bored, frustrated and or sick of the endless days of chicken and lettuce in P2 that there is a greater purpose, that we ARE taking control of our lives and our health, that once in P3 we will most likely miss the days of excitement, waking up and getting naked to eagerly see how much weight we lost, P3 wake ups are quite the opposite as most of us dread stepping on the scale to see if we have gained or maintained.
I remind myself of this P2 feeling to not only "get my head back in the game" but also in hopes that I can reread this blog on the days that P2 frustrates me. Here is to getting my head in the game and here is to losing weight, the reason we are all here.

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  1. Sandie's Avatar
    is getting a cold while on HCG normal? I started my HCG shots on Friday and i started getting a cold around saturday. Not sure if this is normal or not. were you not able to take your HCG while on a cold?

  2. PixieStix's Avatar
    I think it's most likley concidence for you and the end of the cold/flu season, I am currently on P3 and not taking any HCG. You can definitely take HCG while sick, I guess it depends how sick you usually get and whether you depend on medicines to get better, just make sure you drink your fluids and eat your vitamins you should be fine
    I hope you feel better soon!
  3. Sandie's Avatar
    Im actually feeling alot better. i started seeing significant weight loss within the fist couple days but then with my cold it is kind of at a stop. I woke up this morning and as soon as i woke up weighed in at 167.2 then after my cup of coffee weighed again but this time it said 169.6... That doesnt make sense.
  4. PixieStix's Avatar
    Because of the cold you may be retaining water slightly. I have woken up and weighed myself and then puttered around the house for an hour without eating or drinking anything and stepped on the scale and have been up 2 pounds! Just get in the habit of weighing only once in the morning or you'll make yourself crazy trying to understand how it all works LOL I posted more about this on your blog!
  5. Sandie's Avatar
    Thanks i read it. And sure thing thanks for the advise.
  6. Sandie's Avatar
    p.s. i would love to keep in touch with someone who is actually doing the HCG diet.