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Gearing up for R2P2

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So I sort of winged it on my R1P2 so I thought I would blog about my R2P2 experiences!
I am gearing up to start R2 on Easter weekend, I always see threads where people are loading on holidays and I thought it would be fun to get to load on Easter weekend, considering I have been eating by the books since Feb!
For some reason I am way more excited for this round, I think it's because I know what to expect and perhaps because I was so gun-ho to get to P3 that I didn't realize it's sort of a bummer to NOT be losing weight. I can't wait to start shedding those pounds again. I have been fighting this nasty cold as well and having a hard time getting my calories in but somehow managing to. I haven't really attempted to add to many things in P4 but what I did try has been perfectly fine. That gives me hope that this Summer I may actually be able to enjoy all the yummy Summer food!

I made Indian food tonight for dinner, it was soooo good and seems to clear out my head congestion *I went a little crazy with the spice*
I am going to try to relish in this last week of P4 and really enjoy my foods because I have a long next round ahead of me and I know I'll be missing that freedom of eating options but nothing will be more freeing as a NEW ME!

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  1. Grammie50's Avatar
    Good luck on round 2. I will also be loading for my 2nd round on Easter weekend. I haven't added very many new foods either. Today I did have a few finger sandwiches on wheat bread and 1 cake square at a wedding shower. I felt like I was cheating! I didn't really enjoy it. I am hoping the scale doesn't just up to much. Last week for the first time on P3 my weight was all over the place. I should have done a steak day but woke up with a 2 day migraine. So i have a feeling I will be doing my first steak day with a less than a week to go on P4.
    I am ready to start losing again, this has been a long 6 weeks. I am sure I will be wishing I were back to P3 once P2 starts! I will definitely be blogging more!
  2. LylaLexie's Avatar
    i feel the exact same way! i was so psyched my first round to get to p3 and try all these new recipes that i forgot to really appreciate the awesomeness that is p2's weight loss. i cant wait to start my second round (mid-may). good luck, and btw an easter weekend load sounds pretty fricken sweet to me :-P