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Loading: Day 1!

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Ok today was is my first day loading for R2. I was so excited last night that I started the party a bit early and had some ice cream, the first in 3 months!
Today I have eaten so much that I am sick to my stomach Blah.
My appetite and attitude has changed so dramatically in the past 3 months that I am actually not even craving the foods that I am eating. I wondered how I would feel today when the mental cravings caught up to the actuality of consuming what I thought my brain wanted. I'm finding that my body really doesn't enjoy the act of eating bad foods anymore, at least not like before my HCG journey.
Before when I would overeat on bad foods I not only got a certain emotional satisfaction but also received a physical satisfaction.
Something changed in the last 3 months and there has a been a reckoning between the emotional and physical aspects of eating and the purposes of those actions.
For me this journey has almost in some sense been more about fixing the inside *emotional* issues then it has been about losing weight, losing weight and gaining more energy is the secondary prize to gaining something far greater then a hot new body.
So today has been interesting to see my reactions to eating all this *new* food and I am finding I am enjoying it a lot less then I thought I would. I would surmise that is most likely due to the fact that my emotional attitude has changed so much that I am longer getting the response to eating that I used to and therefore have made leaps and bounds on the path to healing myself inside and out!

I am really looking forward to *clean* VLCD eating and I know my body and soul will thank me

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