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Interesting how it's 2 days shy of a year (R1P2 VLCD 2)

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Hey everyone! I'm Ashley. Restarting this blog and diet. If you look back at my blog, you can see that 2 days shy of a year ago, I started the diet and failed.

I'm doing ok on it so far. The first VLCD was really tough and I cheated at the end of the night (darn!) and ate 3 glazed donuts that were left over from my load day. I felt like such a failure.

But, today (3-15-12) was a new day! I did really well today, but then again I wasn't home much. The only "bad" thing I did as far as the diet goes is modified a bit and had a small amount of ranch & hot sauce with my chicken and salad. I weighed myself before bed at midnight and was still at 298.8 (I think it was .8 I can't remember...) but my phone woke me up a few minutes ago and on my way back to the office, I weighed myself and it said 295.4! Yay for losses! Hoping it keeps going down and by my normal weigh in time, it says 293

I also learned an important lesson about water intake. It's SOOO crucial to drink as much water as possible. My hands were so swollen during dinner that my engagement ring was stuck on my ring finger, and when I finally got it off, I put it on my pinky and it even left a red mark on my pinky. I read a little online about this, drank a ton of water and within an hour, I could slide my ring on easily again.

My motivation to stick with this diet this time far exceeds what it was last time. We actually set a wedding date (if you read my previous blog, I mentioned I'm engaged) and it's November 3rd, 2012! So it's creeping up quickly. I haven't even tried on wedding dresses yet because I'm too ashamed of my body and afraid to see how terrible I'll look. SO, I'm hoping to go dress shopping in May sometime, that gives me enough time for 1 round. I'm hoping and praying to lose at least 30-40lbs during this round, especially with my starting weight being SO high.

My dress will take 2-3 months to come in if I have to order it, and alterations will be done probably September-October so that will give me enough time for at least 1 more round of HCG...would love to do 3 and be around 200 for my wedding but I'm trying to be realistic.

Strictly Wedding Ahead
Anyway, as far as the wedding, things are moving so fast! We booked our church, reception venue, photographer, picked out bridesmaid dresses, tuxes are picked out and the guys have until the 27th to place their deposits, I know what bakery I'm getting my cake done at, I know where I'm getting my invitations and actually am in the process of ordering samples. And tonight/last night (3-15-12), my fiance and I attended our very first pre-marital counselling session

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