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Not doing so well

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Cheated again. Mcdonalds this time. It's not even satisfying, I'm actually sick to my stomach right now. I thought about purging, but I'm taking supplements (vitex to help my monthly cycle get back on a normal track) and I didn't want them to come up, plus, I don't want to get in the cycle of binging and purging.

I did a mini apple day yesterday to try to reverse my binge the day before. (Yes, I know that's not what I'm supposed to do) I ended up eating 2 apples and a pb&j sandwich. Yeah, stupid idea. Anyways, I was less than 1lb above my lowest weight on the diet so far (lowest weight was 291.8 and current weight WAS 292.4) but I'm sure the Mcdonalds ruined that.

UGH! I'm so disappointed in myself right now. How can a diet so simple and straight forward be so hard??!

At the rate I'm going, I might as well buy a white shower curtain to wear to my wedding! You'd think wedding dress shopping (and trying the dress on in front of everyone) would flip the motivational switch to ON in my brain.


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  1. Sam_Goldie's Avatar
    I have been wanting to cheat so bad, but I haven't... I know that it is really hard. And as for purging, please don't do that either, that can be a habit in the making.
    Remember the is a day by day diet. Its better just to follow protocol, and lose the pound gained. Please don't let yourself get discouraged.
  2. Jarret's Avatar
    There's a Bulimia thread where you might be able to get some support - http://hcgdietinfo.com/hcgdietforums/f21/bulimia-21562/

    The original poster isn't around anymore but there are some others that post in the thread.
  3. scientistmac's Avatar
    No one is perfect! Although this diet is very straightforward, it's HARD!!! The limitation in food choices is the hardest part for some people.

    I guess the best thing to do is to figure out why you cheated...hunger, boredom, habit, and go from there. Definitely don't stop the diet, I did that, and ended up right back at square one (which is where I am now!) So just keep plugging along and try to stick to protocol one day at a time!
  4. Newjulie's Avatar
    Ok, you screwed up a meal or 2. Step back and get some perspective. Take a deep breath. What do you want? Get a blank book and journal it all out... Whatever comes up when you ask yourself that question. If you decide you DO wish to lose weight and gain good health....you will have to make the decision. If you follow the program you will lose weight. If you eat things off protocol, which I have done too so I am not preaching...at all...you will not lose weight and worse you will continue to feel out of control.
    I know you didn't actually ask for advice but just writing what you did will bring opinions...we are a helpful group.
    If you wish to get back on track...clean it all up. Eat just protein and veggies for 2-3 days so any cravings you may have ignited can calm down. Eat a couple more oz of protein than protocol dictates. It will keep you satisfied. If you are really hungry, have a hard boiled egg for bf too. When you feel in control, add in an apple or 2 per day and see how you feel. Stay away from the breadsticks if you can. I wld bet they wld throw you off track too.
    Journal everything you eat, on here and in a notebook so you can see it.
    It will keep you accountable.
    Find or start your own support group. You are not alone. This is not easy. I was 225 when I began and just crossed into the 170s, and I didn't have a wedding dress to motivate me. There is a thread for big girls on here. May be better than listening to people lament about going over 130! I'm just sayin' ! ok I'll shut up now. You will have to help yourself. HCG is only a tool. Good luck...you CAN do this!