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Hanging onto 293

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With AF here, I figured I'd gain and bloat up to 294 or 295 but I'm sticking right at 293...unless my scale is broken which has happened before..It said I lost 15lbs and I was soooo happy (yay no cheating with the atkins diet + gym efforts finally paying off) but nope, the batteries were going dead haha. I was so bummed when I realized that lol.

Wedding Stuff

One of my bridesmaids dresses came in! It's soooo not the color I was hoping it would be. My fault though, they gave me a swatch and I saw the dress in chiffon, but I thought "Oh, it's satin, maybe it'll be a bit darker"...nope. It's like a shebet (sherbert) orange! Soooo not for fall. Hopefully, if I can get a job, I'll just buy the girls all new dresses and change my color scheme to Davids Bridal "Latte" if it's before June/July, unless they come out with new colors for fall. And I'll only buy new dresses as a surprise, I won't tell them, and it will be the same style and sizes they ordered for the current dress. I would rather fork out $400 and be happy with the color than for my wedding to look ridiculous!

Welp, hopefully AF leaves the building soon so this diet can get back on the road! My weight was 293.6 when I weighed myself AFTER eating, so maybe it'll go down tomorrow?


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