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  1. Break through!

    288! Finally. I kind of "restarted" because my weight went up to 295.5

    Today (Sunday) I weighed in at 288!

    VLCD 1 - April 5 - 295.5
    VLCD 2 - April 6 - 291.4
    VLCD 3 - April 7 - 289.2
    VLCD 4 - April 8 - 288.0

    I allowed myself a "cheat day" today for Easter but I didn't take advantage of it as much as I thought I would. On day 2 I was craving my usual, pizza and cookie dough. Day 3 I had mild cravings but nothing ...
  2. Stable & picking a bone

    Since my nephews birthday party which was the 24th, I haven't been sticking to my diet all that well. It started with a cupcake, then pizza, and then Mcdonalds. The usual pitfalls for me.

    My weight isn't reflecting my diet though. My weight is steady at 292.8! Every single day, I weigh myself at the same time, dreading the number that I'll see on the scale but every single day, it's 292.6 or 292.8. It's baffling! I thought my scale was wrong but Ian's weight is normal on there so ...
  3. Hanging onto 293

    With AF here, I figured I'd gain and bloat up to 294 or 295 but I'm sticking right at 293...unless my scale is broken which has happened before..It said I lost 15lbs and I was soooo happy (yay no cheating with the atkins diet + gym efforts finally paying off) but nope, the batteries were going dead haha. I was so bummed when I realized that lol.

    Wedding Stuff

    One of my bridesmaids dresses came in! It's soooo not the color I was hoping it would be. My fault though, ...
  4. No loss, thanks TOM

    No loss to report today, most likely thanks to TOM (aunt flow, period etc) showing up.

    I'm doing pretty good with the diet though, have had a few temptations (Mountain Dew sounds sooo good) but haven't given in. I think if it gets too bad, I'm going to figure out the best way to go about cheating without A. binging or B. being too unhealthy. Like, pizza, maybe make a sauce with tomato and garlic, put it on a piece of Melba toast and top with pepperoni (the pepperoni is really what ...
  5. Back on the losing track

    292 even today. Hoping to plunge down into the 80's soon!

    Thank you all for your kind words and advice on my last post! I'm doing much better today Hopefully I can continue to do well. I think I just needed to take a couple days to re-evaluate why I want to lose weight and get back my motivation lol.

    See ya tomorrow
  6. Not doing so well

    Cheated again. Mcdonalds this time. It's not even satisfying, I'm actually sick to my stomach right now. I thought about purging, but I'm taking supplements (vitex to help my monthly cycle get back on a normal track) and I didn't want them to come up, plus, I don't want to get in the cycle of binging and purging.

    I did a mini apple day yesterday to try to reverse my binge the day before. (Yes, I know that's not what I'm supposed to do) I ended up eating 2 apples and a pb&j sandwich. ...
  7. I cheated

    I was feeling so strong this morning. Went and got pizza, wings, and a glass & a half of pepsi. And Dairy Queen (small blizzard)

    Depending on my weight tomorrow, I may just do an apple day. I skipped my hcg and took 2 Hydroxycut before the binge so I'm hoping and praying that helps, since diet pills are supposed to prevent fat absorbtion or something like that.

    Ugh, I really wish I had more self control. I can almost understand a smoking/drug/alcohol addiction ...
  8. I made it!!

    Oh I can't even believe how close I came to binging yesterday!

    Warning Possible Triggers ahead!

    I wanted pizza, chocolate chip cookie dough, and movie theater popcorn..and soda (even diet would have sufficed)
    sooooooo bad. I **knew** in my head I was not hungry but when I thought about those foods, my stomach growled at me lol.

    I am sooo proud to say that I did not give in! And today, the cravings aren't really even that bad. Those foods ...

    Updated March 17th, 2012 at 03:15 PM by prayerfulhope

  9. R1p2 vlcd 3

    Just finished day 3, successfully.

    I have to admit that it as HARD HARD HARD though! It's not even hunger, I'm not hungry at all. I get hungry, eat protocol food and I'm fine. It's just CRAVINGS that are killing me. I don't even want to talk about what I want because that seems to make it stronger. Or seeing pictures in commercials or on ads online. It sucks. I can't say I was close to giving up, but I definitely thought about it.

    I hate that this is so hard. It's ...
  10. Interesting how it's 2 days shy of a year (R1P2 VLCD 2)

    Hey everyone! I'm Ashley. Restarting this blog and diet. If you look back at my blog, you can see that 2 days shy of a year ago, I started the diet and failed.

    I'm doing ok on it so far. The first VLCD was really tough and I cheated at the end of the night (darn!) and ate 3 glazed donuts that were left over from my load day. I felt like such a failure.

    But, today (3-15-12) was a new day! I did really well today, but then again I wasn't home much. The only "bad" ...
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