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Starting P3 Soon

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Today is my last day of drops, followed by 2 days of vlcd then on to P3. Woohoo! I've lost 35 lbs and it feels so good. My family, friends and coworkers are astonished and amazed at my tranformation and keep telling me how good I look.

I'm going to the grocery store tomorrow to get some P3 foods but plan to do this for the first few days:

Coffee with a TB half & half
1 fruit

Chili (6 oz. groundbeef, 1 can no sugar added fire roasted tomatoes, 1 medium onion, spices)

6 oz. grilled chicken topped with hot sauce on bed of lettuce
1/2 cucumber dipped in Marie's light blue cheese OR steamed broccoli
1 fruit

Does this look like a good plan for the start of P3? I don't want to add in dairy or eggs for atleast the first 5 days or so.

Thanksgiving was pretty easy for me. Stayed on protocol and dropped 1 lb. I made orange scented green beans and took out a serving for myself before I sauteed them in butter and tossed in almonds. I combined that with some turkey and voila, a P2 friendly Thanksgiving meal. I didn't feel deprived at all.

I am up .8 lb from yesterday due to a forced lunch at Taco Bell. And I do mean forced. We got caught in a snow storm trying to get back to Phoenix from Northern Arizona. By lunch time everyone was hungry, including me. The only thing around was a Taco Bell. I ordered their Chicken Ranch Salad with no cheese, no beans, no rice, no tortilla strips and no dressing (the lady at the register thought I was weird) so it was essentially just chicken and lettuce. I topped it with some of their hot sauce (packet did not have sugar listed as an ingredient) and only ate half of the salad. I didn't expect it to make me gain so much! I knew I'd probably either have no loss or a slight gain, but .8 lb, come on!

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Updated May 23rd, 2011 at 01:41 PM by Praying4Change



  1. Dubbles's Avatar
    I don't know that it's what u ate as much as the traveling itself. Maybe u didn't drink as much tea or water. So I'd up that and it'll be gone in no time. Wow, u have done great! 32 lbs. How long was your round? So your last dose weight is today. And u're going into p3 on Thursday? I'll be joining p3 on Friday, my last dose weight is in the a.m. It does feel good to have lost all that weight, doesn't it. As for your menu, it's fine, I think, for a day or so, but u really need to eat more, rather than less, if u want to reset your calorie allowance higher. People sometime say they gain when they don't eat enough. The main thing is to up your protein, which u seem to be doing. O, and u don't have to use light dressing, u can use the real deal. Good luck on p3.
  2. Praying4Change's Avatar
    Hey Dubbles! Congrats on your loss and your soon move to P3. I ran out of drops so I only did 38 days on drops and then will have 2 vlc days then start P3. I'm on hhcg so I only have to do 48 hours instead of 72. I am starting P3 Thursday morning. Yippee!!

    Suggestions on what else I could add in the first few days that isn't dairy or eggs or nuts? Just another veggie snack?