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  1. little disappointed

    well I just weighed in for my 14 day on VLCD. here are my stats:

    starting weight 187.0
    5.9 inches.
    week one loss: 12.8
    inch loss 4 inches
    week 2 loss 4.2
    inch loss 2
    total loss in 2 weeks is 17.0 and 6 inches in stomach and hips (those are the only 2 measurements I take)
    Kinda disappointed with the small loss in week two but I guess all together I am happy.
    I did drink a lot of water yesterday, so maybe I have some water ...
  2. For those of you who are bored with the phase one foods......

    Hi just wanted to say if you want some food suggestions.....read my previous blog "Back again" all the way through.
  3. Back again !!!!

    Hi HCGers
    Well, I am back again. I do this once a year and do well...but never really do the later phases which leads me back here. AND....I'm good with that.
    I started loading 11 days ago and am on day 9 VLCD and have so far lost 14 pounds and 4.5 inches. (I only take measurements once a week) so everything is going smoothly'
    Just want to say hi to my old friends Curvygirl63 and AimMee and to hopefully some new friends.
    Good luck to you all. This diet works just ...