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Is grapefruit allowed on this diet? There are so many different opinions. Although this is my fourth round in as many years, and yes, I did read pounds and inches, I just cannot remember. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks

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  1. monroeee's Avatar
    I thought either grapefruit or cantaloupe..
  2. prdreams@aol.com's Avatar
    thanks. I never heard cantaloup but it sure would be nice
  3. monroeee's Avatar
    I'm sorry it was grapefruit and orange, but I don't think oranges are allowed because of the high sugar content. I'm pretty sure it's grapefruit.
  4. AimMee's Avatar
    Cantaloupe isn't allowed. You can have an orange. Or you can have half a grapefruit.

    Oranges seem to stall me, and in the past year I've developed an aversion to strawberries. It's so weird. I've always loved them.. But any more, they make me pucker like crazy and then get me nauseous every time. So I stick with apples - lucky I love them! I want to try grapefruit too, since I also love that, but I'm afraid it might slow my losses since oranges did. Sigh.