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VLCD 9 183.5 Net Loss = 9.5

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I guess this is becoming a nice and steady pattern. 1 pound a day, just like its suppose to. I ended my period yesterday. It was a very short, 3 day period with no pain, bloating or anything. But that has nothing to do with the hcg. It was already 1 week late before I started hcg because of the change in my diet prior to starting and working out with heavy weights. My last period was just as painless. Its amazing how much better I feel without grains and sugar. Even after hcg, except during load days, I am not adding grains, wheat, gluten or sugar back into my diet.
Oh and I'm still not hungry at all. Wow, I remember this being soooo hard the last time I did it, but this time around it is painless and easy as heck. I really attribute that to changing eating habits BEFORE going on hcg. Once I cut out all that crap, the noise in my head to eat just went away. That anxious feeling of wanting to eat...wanting something...that all went away. I actually did alot of intermittend fasting even during that time and skipped some meals and stopped snacking completely. So hcg is now a continuation of that. I feel like I'm just doing a long IF. I feel great.

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  1. Dubbles's Avatar
    That's great to hear. You had a lot of the bad habit most of us start out with licked to begin with. Way to go.