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Maintaining Nicely

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I am almost 4 weeks into P3 and I've been maintaining nicely - considering I haven't been totally a good girl. I'm still within my 2 lb window. I'm tired of being this weight though...I'm anxious to start R2 so I can get the rest of this weight off and get to my goal. I'm sooo ready to go shopping for new clothes. Got my pinterest "my style" loaded with ideas!

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  1. princess41463's Avatar
    Today is January 17th. I weighed 152.8 this morning - right at my LIW. I can't believe how easy this has been. I was soooo afraid of P3, I thought for sure I would gain at least some of my weight back, but that hasn't been the case. And, again, I haven't been totally perfect in my eating habits. I have had a taste of chocolate here and there and a Coke here and there as well. I started back at the gym on Monday (the 14th); yesterday was my 2nd workout. Was hoping I wouldn't get nauseated when working out anymore - but that's still a problem. I'm only doing 1/2 an hour with the trainer and it seems to be enough for now. About 25 minutes in I'm starting to feel sick. Even with the shorter workouts I'm feeling the soreness the next day.

    I read about people seeing a "reshaping" of their bodies in P3. I haven't experienced any of that. I'm just a little flabby all over. Hoping I can rectify that with working out though I absolutely HATE working out and don't expect to follow through and stay focused on it as I've never been able to do that in the past. I'm not overly fond of my trainer either though. She seems more focused on talking about her personal life than on my training. She tells me what to do but then talks to me the whole time, after about the count of 5 I lose track of my reps and have no idea how many I have left. I should have gotten a guy - instead of a yappy girl I guess! lol

    I've already made my appointment with the doctor to get my hcg supplies for round 2. Looking forward to it!!! About 10 more pounds and I am done! Whooo hoooo! I'm going to try and work out through the whole 2nd round. Costa Rica is right around the corner so hopefully I can be a little more beach ready than I am right now. I am soooo looking forward to this trip. And, it's so cold in Arizona right now the thought of a sunny beach sounds like Heaven!!!