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Phase 3, Week 1

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LIW - 152.8
One week later - 152.6 Nice stabilizing the first week, but I have not been able to hit even 1000 calories in one day yet. Not sure what next week will bring. I'll be off work and accessing foods will be way easier. These 10 hour days I work - getting up at 4 am - makes eating tough. I got my fruits in with an apple and orange each day and I've been eating half a Chipotle burrito bowl for lunch with avocados, black and pinto beans, lettuce, and pico de gallo. Tastes sooo yummy! I could eat them every day. I actually almost ate the whole bowl yesterday. We're are getting there. I've also been fighting a sinus and ear infection this week so my appetite hasn't been the greatest.

With all the Christmas goodies floating around the office I've allowed myself one piece of chocolate candy each day. Seems to satisfy the "left out" feeling. Haven't felt like drinking water either - but have been doing pretty good. I'm sure if I gain a pound it will scare me into making sure I'm guzzling it again. But, with the sinus infection - ugh - water doesn't taste as good as it did.

Today is my last day of work until next Wednesday. So looking forward to that. Work is light and easy today as it will be pretty much the rest of the year for me. A nice rest leading up to the New Year. Wish me luck on P3 W2 - and to continuing to stabilize!

Happy Merry Christmas Holidays to all!

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  1. TrueToMe's Avatar
    Great Luck To You!! : )
  2. princess41463's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by TrueToMe
    Great Luck To You!! : )
    Thanks!!! And you as well!