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STEAK DAY - Starving!!!

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I'm soooo sad I am having to do a steak day today, but know it's my own fault. I'm trying really, really hard not to get a snack...I am soooo HUNGRY!! It's only 10 am. I've drank four 16 ounce bottles of water...how am I going to get all the way to dinner without eating? OMG!!! I'm debating if it's worth it just to stabilize at my current weight instead of trying to do this...but I KNOW I will regret that, too. I miss my phase 2! lol Sooo much easier.

I'm dreaming of steak, dreaming of steak, dreaming of steak! lol I only have to lose .4 to get within two lbs of my LIW - but I want to be back at the LIW - not 2 lbs. heavier. Patience, patience, patience. Don't eat! Don't cheat! Don't eat! Don't cheat! Summoning my will power (I think my will power is hiding under my desk eating almonds!).

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  1. princess41463's Avatar
    I should be able to lose 5 lbs just running back and forth to the bathroom today! This water is going through me...like beer!
  2. princess41463's Avatar
    Phew - well, that was almost easy. I couldn't get through the whole day without eating anything - Was impossible to concentrate at work - so I did eat a couple handfuls of Bear Naked Fit Granola. I drank more water than a human should and peed more than a human should. I started considering putting a portable camping toilet on my office chair and just sit here naked - but on the bright side I must have burned a lot of calories walking back and forth to the bathroom all day!

    I weighed 153 today - down from 155.2 yesterday...so a good drop. My LIW was 152.8. Good stuff. Back on track! I'm going to have to plan well for this weekend while we are up in the mountains - won't be near a grocery store for two days - should get some nice hiking in, though...just in time to come back and start back up with the gym on Monday
  3. tara1025's Avatar
    Great job!!!! It pays off!!!!!