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  1. R1/P2/Day32

    WEIGHT: 168
    Haven't written in awhile, and only just realized it. Was fluxuating for about 5 days- PURE TORTURE!, most likely because I had some late nights out with friends, "dancing into the wee hours" as Simeons might say. His manner of speaking made me laugh all the way through Pounds & Inches. I don't know how the rogues get away with it...lucky them eh? It seems the slightest deviation, at least for me, reflects on the scale immediately. ...

    Updated July 18th, 2012 at 11:44 PM by Proteaness

  2. R1/P2/Day17

    WEIGHT: 176
    New vial is perfect, no more hunger pains. Hallelujah, that was a difficult first two weeks. I think one of the greatest benefits for me on this diet is cooking for myself every day and night--->no matter what- and becoming creative about it; especially regarding the herbs and spices. The forum is truly a great inspiration and I read through different areas of it every night. Today I walked three miles at a fairly brisk pace and felt fine- rejuvenated ...
  3. RI/P2/Day15

    I've lost 9 pounds in 15 days- a bit behind schedule due to a couple of cheat days- birthdays of family and friends. Fortunately my system doesn't stall- I may not lose the next day- and may even gain- but as soon as I resume protocol, my system goes back on track immediately it seems. I feel that starches and sugars are the most counter productive foods insofar as weight control is concerned and I have an awful hard time turning down a bread basket or a piece of cake... and cupcakes? Well. I find ...