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New vial is perfect, no more hunger pains. Hallelujah, that was a difficult first two weeks. I think one of the greatest benefits for me on this diet is cooking for myself every day and night--->no matter what- and becoming creative about it; especially regarding the herbs and spices. The forum is truly a great inspiration and I read through different areas of it every night. Today I walked three miles at a fairly brisk pace and felt fine- rejuvenated even.

I wonder about the differences in fat grams ingested per day regarding the tbsp of milk/tsp of olive oil/meats... i am going to experiment to find out whether or not it makes a difference if I cut out the milk one day- or do not have red meat on the days that i have the milk considering red meat has the highest fat content regardless of how much of you attempt to *trim off*. For the most part I only eat red meat once a week and the other days I eat chicken and fish.

Today I feel very, very good. It most likely has a lot to do with the fact that the other vial i was dosing with had lost a good deal of it's potency. Also, the determined choice and commitment to take control of my own well being and transform my relationship with food is a very powerful gesture as it is the first concerted and concentrated effort I have taken in regards to it in longer than I can remember- maybe ever. It amazes me how simply making the decision to begin this protocol has had a ripple effect in all other areas of my life. I find that i am much more productive, have a healthier sleeping schedule and WOW! I'll be damned! I CAN keep a daily regimen after all! Uh-mazin'.

Today I woke up and had the morning usual which is a cup of hot water with some lemon squeezed into it. Later on I ate a ground chicken patty with a cajun rub and a HUGE spring mix salad for lunch (just the greens no other vegetables). For dinner- some top sirloin with an herb rub. Herbs (particularly Majoram) help the body to break down the fat in the meat. A bunch of arugala- flash steamed with a tsp of olive oil and some garlic powder sprinkled over it. Earlier this morning I ate half a green apple, and am currently baking another one in the oven with cinnamon, cardamon and nutmeg on it. On an average I consume about 1/2 my weight in oz of H2O and when i start to feel like my Kidneys are getting a bit strained I back off a tad. I hope you are all doing well out there. The most difficult part for me is learning how to get through a social event without cheating! My italian ancestors are always on my shoulder beckoning- "Mangia!... Mangia!"

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