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Haven't written in awhile, and only just realized it. Was fluxuating for about 5 days- PURE TORTURE!, most likely because I had some late nights out with friends, "dancing into the wee hours" as Simeons might say. His manner of speaking made me laugh all the way through Pounds & Inches. I don't know how the rogues get away with it...lucky them eh? It seems the slightest deviation, at least for me, reflects on the scale immediately. I've never stalled, but I have fluctuated quite a bit. A couple flawless days, then a slight deviation from the path and WHAMMO! Up a pound...back on, down a pound. Chicken sausages? FAIL. The meat substitute Quorn "meatballs" seem to be alright as far as "Rogue" play goes. I do not dare the "cocoa crack", although I find unsweetend cocoa powder to be especially nice on a number of allowed foods. Tomorrow I am going to make a chicken mole dish and see how that turns out.

I've attempted minor "roguish" experiments, which were pretty much all ineffective, except perhaps the aforementioned "quorn" and also a "brushchetta" mix I enjoy making and putting over fish before baking. It's just an onion/tomato/cilantro chopped fine. The "mixing" of this doesn't seem to effect my loses. Sometimes I have just the protein with this on top of it and then a couple of hours later eat the salad. Since veggies seem necessary in order to fill up the calories left unaccounted for between the fruit and protein, it doesn't seem to matter much how or when they are consumed. I did attempt cottage cheese, which did not work well, as i went up 1/2 a pound after consuming it. Makes sense considering cottage cheese sort of resembles fat itself.

Anyway, I relapsed somewhere around the 12th of July from an emotional tidal wave triggered by what else- "Love*" (yes, I must put it in quotes as it is alleged Love). I find it interesting how the HCG can take care of the physical cravings, but not the ones caused by emotions. Shortly after the emo attack I quickly grabbed the melba toasts and began stuffing with great speed, carelessness and also with some Earth Balance spread. YIKES! I went out of orbit and consequently, up a pound and a half. I wish I would have known in the beginning of this what I know now. Hindsight- always sees in 20/20.

Still, I do feel excellent in general, must say, and not really all that deprived as I thought I would feel about all of this initially. Being more creative in the kitchen is probably the reason why- it really is fun to try different things out and i find myself becoming more of a "foodie" every day (ironically). My favorite thing that i have learned how to cook so far is probably blackened Tilapia with the bruschetta mix on top of it baked after being blackened. Really is SO GOOD. Also, the Diced chicken breast- browned then baked in a Horsradish Mustard cilantro sauce, then tossed over a spring mix with some dressing made from cilantro/horsradish mustard/apple cidar vinegar. Wow. Tasty.

I tend to use alot of the "spicy" type spices and find ways to mix them into the recipes as it really is such a "cold" type protocol. While looking over the forum i've noticed SO many ladies complaining of feeling cold. New York 2012 is pretty much in Heatwave status, so works well for me right about now. But honestly? I would NEVER want to do this in the wintertime. NO WAY SISTER. Too much salad and juicing for a feat such as that. Anyway, point being, Grammy says it is because the protocol targets the Hypothalamus which regulates the body temp. I am not a very scientific nor western medically oriented person, and I feel no inspiration whatsoever to go Googling and cross referencing to find the answers to why that would produce a feeling of cold in the body. But i DO KNOW, from an Eastern Medical perspective, that pretty much all of the foods on the protocol are known as *cold* type foods in their respective natures, and it cannot be mere coincidence, nor can it be overlooked that their cold energy signatures would certainly create cold in the body. The only way to balance this out... yes folks balance STILL matters... is to add in spicy spices. If you are interested in knowing more about this just google eastern nutrition thermal food nature cold/warming/neutral food lists.

So, my theory is that this diet causes *cold* because just about ALL of the fruits, vegetables and most of the meats allowed on protocol are considered to be cold in nature. I am not speaking of cold in the sense that they are eaten raw, which most often they are, and this of course contributes to the overall coldness. But, they are cold in what you might consider a *signature* way- meaning, their body thermal effect is low. Think about it. Citrus? cold. refreshing on a HOT day- no?

Cucumber, radish, salad greens, napa cabbage, celery, spinach, swiss chard, tomato, strawberries, kiwi, clams, crab, white fleshed fish, lobster, shrimp, egg white, green white AND black teas,...pant..pant...pant.... are ALL considered COLD foods in thermal nature. The only foods allowed on protocol that are considered warming foods are asparagus, cabbage (aside from napa), some varieties of cilantro, garlic, onion/scallion etc, beef (which evidently can only be had in small quantities; at least for me), chicken and any spice that you would consider spicy (cajun and blackened mixes, clove, cinnamon, cardamon, anise, basil, bay, carob, cayenne, chili, chives, coriander / cumin, curry, dill, fennel, fenugreek seeds, ginger, horseradish, nutmeg, onion powder, oregano, paprika, parsley, pepper, rosemary, sage, savory, spearmint, thyme & turmeric) and also any teas that would be made from and/or incorporate the above mentioned spices, such as chai, for example.

SO... to wrap this up. How I combat the *cold* nature of the protocol (when i am NOT eating the warming foods that are allowed...) is to add the above mentioned warming spices to whatever I am eating or drinking throughout the day. This not only balances out the cold nature of the foods, but also helps keep things moving internally as heat produces movement. I feel this is a very important aspect to both be aware of and to incorporate into the protocol which is why I am writing it here. Hope you are all losing well out there, and finding fun and creative ways to live within the limits we have set out for us. I find I feel so empowered after talking a walk! ...and Knowing that I am finally finding a sense of balance in regards to my relationship to food is certainly inspiring.

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  1. We should be proud's Avatar
    Hi there,
    Your post is very interesting, I will read some more about the nutrition thermal food. I haven't felt particularly cold during the protocol. Something that helps me a lot to balance my body temperature is Excersice.

    Still cardio is my best friend, I am not going as hard as before I started the protocol, but yesterday for example I ran for an hour and felt absolutely amazing after, the warm feeling lasted until I went to bed.

    Keep posting
    Ciao for now