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A little inspiration helps

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I am still in P2. I decided to keep going. I will take it morning by morning...Maybe I will reach 40 injections on July 7th. Its only 6 days away! This morning before work I tried on my "skinny jeans". These are my rock and roll ripped jeans textured in tales of debauchery. They fit me purrrfrectly. Plus the scale was down .6 As of today, my weight is 146.8. This weekend is packed with events. Maybe if I focus on fun instead of food, time will fly by. Have a great holiday.

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  1. Ronnijay's Avatar
    Your weight is my LDW! Looks like you will probably land in 145 land - congrats! I know the jeans you speak of - I have some, too. I couldn't believe it the other day when they were TOO BIG on me. I'll have to take them to the consignment store and hope someone else values them as much as I did (: