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10 days 11 lbs ... Wow!

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So the last few days have been up and down. Literally! 148/146/148/146 ugh! I think I've worked it out to stick at 146.4. Yay! Last. Ight was our 26th 'meeting' anniversay. We made reservations at a new restaurant. I had two glasses of red wine (which I continued at home!) and we shared some sautéed prawns. As hubby HATES white fish, I ordered the seared halibut. It came with wild rice (all fancied up, so the chef wouldn't alter it) and sautéed veggies. I skipped the rice (except a few grains that snuck in... Nice flavour) We bought icecream on the way home, but I skipped it.

All in all, I am pretty pleased with my resolve. It obviously paid off! Yay! Official weigh in is tomorrow night... I am at least 4 lbs down from last Thursday! Let's see if I win Biggest Loser!

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