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Follow the bouncing ball!

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Wow! 4.6 today! LOL. I am jumping up and down those two Lou ds for the last few days now. TOM showed up this morning, so hopefully, I'll continue to see losses again! Not that I'm complaining. 10.8 lbs in 12 days is pretty darn good. And 7.45" lost as well.
The best news? I was biggest loser last night at official weigh in! Awesome! I felt a bit bad, though as a good friend was expecting that honor as well... Turns out she's on hCG, too! I was down one more pound than her. She still is doing great! Next week. Let the games begin! Hehehe

We are camping this weekend. Brrrr. I don't think it'll interrupt my diet at all. BBQ is great. As I'm on TOM, I'll be able to up my protein... Yay! Does vodka count as protein? LOL

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  1. Pz111's Avatar
    Not sure how to edit. I didn't lose 4.6 overnight... I'm at 146.6. Auto correct.
  2. readyforanewme's Avatar
    My doctor says vodka is okay if you swap it for a fruit Just not more than twice a week.