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Help Starting P3

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Ok well Im flying through P2 and its going great, Im on Day 18 of P2 and I have lost 24 pounds, I know I dont start P3 for a few weeks, But im sooo Nervous i Know that its going to sneak up on me, I nervous about *Adding new foods, *Knowing what foods are okay to add, and what not to add, and of course im nervous about gaining weight... So let me see if I get this, When I start P3, Im off the HCG but i continue the VLCD for 3 MORE WEEKS... I think that what
my papers said, So when can i start adding in stuff?? After those 3 weeks?????? And then I was wanting to know what you guys ate on P3,for the Day!!! I want to continue to do this right!!!!! Please help Thanx

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  1. primehcg's Avatar
    No. You stay VLCD for 3 more days until the HCG is out of your system. Then you start P3, which is pretty much eating a low carb diet. You just can't have starches or carbs. But you can eat meats, veggies, fats... Then after 3 weeks, you go into P4. Then you can start adding back things to test your sensitivity to different levels of starch and carbs. I recommend staying on a paleo way of eating for maintenance. If you start to eat processed carbs and white carbs again, which are the foods that make us fat in the first place, you will most likely gain it back. But avoid those foods, then you'll be fine.
  2. QtwtheBooty's Avatar
    ok thank you very much!