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Captains Log Stardate 05255.1014

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Captains Log
Stardate 05255.1014

Dear Gawd WTH
So my other than conscious mind has been after me to use my magic jeanie rub industrial massager on my body and i relented this week. I decided to devote a majority of my free time running it over each limb. Yesterday was left leg from hip to toes. some odd muscle bunches i was not aware of but no biggy. drew some blood to the surface almost but not quite bruises.

Today, well lets just say today is another day. Started on the right leg this morning at 5:15 starting along the inner thigh down to the knee. Then back up along the front of the ..... Oh **** DEAR GOD WHAT THE HELL. @ Accupuncture point SP10 my entire leg locked up into the mother of all charlie horses. People in Other Memory came to ask what was goign on. I was paralyzed. the rictus relazed to simple rigor mortis and i started to work on the calf. the i rolled over and OMG here it comes again. and a third time when i tried to get out of the bed. Finally i was able to move with only a level 8 pain.

Driving to work was excruciating, and by the time i got in 25 minutes later my left side had begun to throb. the left side of my neck feels like Spock has been practicing his death grip and my entire system is bolloxed.

What i woudlnt give for a good massage with hot rocks and a soak in the a hot tub.

Where in the name of god did that tension come from and why had i not noticed it before?

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