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R2 p2d1

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Hello everyone! I am back and on the wagon again. To recap - I did my first round of HCG in January for 57 days and lost 40 pounds. During maintenance, I stabilized at 6 pounds above my LDW, and stuck at the same exact weight for several months. Then over the course of the last month and a half or so, I gained about 20 pounds back due to a combination of stress, bad eating, and too many medications interfering with my system.

SO: starting weight after loading: 206.4
Weight after Day 1: 202.8
Day 1 Loss: 3.6 pounds

I'm pretty sure that's my biggest loss in one day on HCG! I really hope the weight I gained falls off SUPER quickly so I can get back to numbers I haven't seen in years.

Yesterday's menu:

Snack: Apple
Lunch: Chicken and Cucumbers
Dinner: Beef Cabbage Rolls
Dessert: 3 (huge) strawberries with cocoa crack

I am trying the crack this round to see how I do with it, and so far so good! Yesterday was a little tough, of course my very first day back on the diet and work brings in cupcakes and pizza for everyone! It was pretty easy to resist though. Day 2, here I come!

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  1. wwkiks's Avatar
    Qwinne, I am right there with ya! I did 30 days and lost 29lbs! Loved it but didn't follow thru with maintenance like it requires... So I am back! I can't stand to look in the mirror!! I am used to being in a size 10 and 14's are tight right now. I have had a terrible time with my thyroid and they have gotten my meds undercontrol. Also, I have researched how deficient 96% of the population is in Iodine and how it slows our metabolism. So I have been on iodine replacement for 2 months and feel so much better. Do you ever feel like the combination to figuring this all out is impossible? I am determined to do this. Can you tell me what cocoa crack is? I have had strawberries with cocoa and stevia but I am curious -) Have a great day losing!!
  2. Qwinne's Avatar
    I definitely think it is possible! I know I have tried so many ways to lose weight before and nothing worked for me but HCG. I have PCOS (poly cystic ovarian syndrome), and that makes me insulin resistant so I gain weight easily and lose weight very slowly through "traditional" methods. I think for longterm I will have to be on a high lean protein diet with very small amounts of whole grains, and healthy fats.

    Cocoa crack is made with cocoa, coconut oil, and sweetener (I use stevia). You combine equal parts cocoa and coconut oil, add sweetner to taste, and freeze. It make a very very dark chocolate substitute. Coconut oil is definitely "rogue" on phase 2 since it is a fat, however it is an MCT which processes differently than most fats. Some people swear it helps them lose, others unfortunately stall or gain on it. I tried it at the end of my last round and it didn't seem to affect me so I thought I'd give it a go this round...

    Good luck this round! You will be back in those 10's before you know it! After my last round I was in 14's but now am practically in my 18's again, UGH. My frame is tiny, I am 5'1" with little bones, so 200 pounds on me is ridiculous. I hope to eventually get down to about 120-125.