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R2 p2d3

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Down to 198.8, a 1.6 pound loss for the day and a 7.6 pound loss overall for the first 3 days.

I had an apple for snack, chicken with salsa and asparagus for lunch, and dinner was P2 crockpot chili. Yum! Skipped dessert because of the sugar content of the tomatoes.

Finally got rid of the nasty headaches I've been having. I think my body was just detoxing from sugar and junk.

Yay, here comes day 4! I think I'm also going to try my ecigs again and cut down a lot on my smoking. Gotta see if I can find my ecig liquid...

Happy losses everyone!

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  1. wwkiks's Avatar
    WTG!! 1.6 loss is wonderful! LOOOOVVVEEEE that feeling I had a 1.6lb loss today too. Woo Hoo
    It is so motivating!! Have a great day!