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Back on the Wagon - R2 D2 P2

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Alright, this year has sucked. Long story short - I started HCG in January at 222.2 pounds. I lost 40 pounds. Now, it is October 25th and yesterday was my first day back on P2 - I started this round at 215.4. HCG has helped me realized I am a food addict. I eat when I am happy, I eat when I'm sad. I use any excuse to eat the worst foods possible. I will not let this get the better of me. So, here I am again.

Day 1 on P2 was pretty good. I had some cravings but they were easily manageable. I had a nasty headache last night before bed, I think I drank too much water in the evening. I need to drink more throughout the day today, even though it means I will have to pee every 5 minutes at work.

Yesterday I had -


Salad w/ balsamic


Chicken w/ salsa
Salad w/ balsamic

Pretty boring. And it is probably what I will have today, too...

I can do this. I will not fail this time.

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