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Round 2, Phase 2, VLCD 8

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After a hectic weekend of moving, I am exhausted, but happy. I upped my dose of hcg and it has curbed my hunger. I still get hungry before meal time but it's a different hunger and my outlook on life is much rosier.

I'm down to an even 125.0 today. My body aches from all the heavy lifting but it's a good ache. I miss the feeling of working my muscles and I'm so very much looking forward to the end of this round when I can begin working out and firming up. The new house has unavoidable mirrors in the bathroom and jumping in the shower is a horrifying event. OK from the front - the rearview is scary and jiggly. I need some muscle built and fast. I plan on doing the minimum of 23 injections but shooting for 30 days so I can stabilize best.

Have a lovely day all!

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  1. Miche's Avatar
    Congrats on the house aaaannnd the 125 mark! Definitely going down! I am so glad you are back.... You are so encouraging and sweet to everyone!

    Hey, I see the 30 day monster got you too... I just don't want to stop early and risk not stabilizing! Too much work.....

    Hope the house becomes "home" really soon for you...

  2. Bavalay21's Avatar
    I can't imagine that 125 looks jiggly or horrible! Are you being a bit hard on yourself? I'm thinking you probably look terrific. Enjoy your new home and new awesome weight!
  3. destinyave's Avatar
    You my darling are doing Marrrrvelouse!!!!
  4. thefoodpassionista's Avatar
    Rabo - So close to goal weight! I'm glad your weight is stable after all that moving, sometimes your body can play tricks on you and after moving around a lot while on VLCD tends to put on more weight rather than a loss. You'll get there in no time. I myself I cannot wait to tone up. I'm scared to work out extensively while on P4, I took your advice to heart and waiting until I am completely off the protocol.
  5. LilShelliBelli's Avatar
    Good morning my lovely!!! Congratulations! WOOHOO!!!! 125 while moving? That's fantastic! And even better, I am soooo glad to hear that hunger is gone! What a relief!!! It's going to be so much more enjoyable!!! Girl do I hear you about working out! I'm so pumped to get my tummy ripped but I'm resisting every temptation until I'm done with P2. I needs me my tummy rub cream and some good gym time! I'll come down by you and we'll hit the gym together. (We can fend off the creepers for each other...lol.. *archive post humor*) Way to go!! xoxo
  6. Ready to be thin's Avatar
    125. On yeah! My hunger is much better, too, with fresh drops. U, shell and I r so close to goal I can taste it!