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Round 2, Phase 2, VLCD10

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Oh boy. I'm tired today. I'm tired of dieting too. I wanna eat something off protocol - like a macademia nut or chicken thigh. MUST get my head back in the game. I'm feeling hungry, so I'm thinking of skipping a dose tomorrow, after having upped my dose earlier this week. I have the hardest time getting my stupid dose right. I'm going to go make a hot cuppa green tea and hope that wakes me up and curbs my desire to eat.

I ate more than 500 calories yesterday but I still netted a loss of .5, so I'm pleased but I'm bracing myself for a day with minimal loss.

Load1 4/6/2013 129.20 --
Load2 4/7/2013 134.30 +5.10
VLCD1 4/8/2013 137.20 +2.90
VLCD2 4/9/2013 132.70 -4.50
VLCD3 4/10/2013 130.50 -2.20
VLCD4 4/11/2013 129.00 -1.50
VLCD5 4/12/2013 128.30 -0.70
VLCD6 4/13/2013 127.10 -1.20
VLCD7 4/14/2013 125.90 -1.20
VLCD8 4/15/2013 125.00 -0.90
VLCD9 4/16/2013 124.80 -0.20
VLCD10 4/17/2013 124.30 -0.50

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  1. Miche's Avatar
    Hey... Don't expect anything that you don't want.... You are losing extremely well... I do get the blahs though... Maybe kale chips? Meringue cookies with strawberries... Stuff on protocol but vamped up? I have done kale chips as I called them my lettuce one day...

    Come on... Push through you are at hardest point! I have done extremely well with dosage at 107.5. Skip a day though to lower your blood hcg levels!
  2. Rabo's Avatar
    You are absolutely right, Miche. Thanks for your gentle reminder. Love ya!
  3. Bavalay21's Avatar
    You are doing great Rabo. I'm guessing you are at or close to goal? Food just gets boring weather you are eating crazy junk food or healthy food. At least this is not forever
  4. feelingthin's Avatar
    I know it's rough sometimes I forget how rough. You're doing amazing though. I think eating a bit more protein is the trick.
  5. tomwilla's Avatar
    wahoo lady you are almost there just hang in there a just a little bit longer.
  6. LilShelliBelli's Avatar
    You're doing great, Rabs! Hang in there...there's a light at the end of the tunnel and it's not too far away!