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Round 2, Phase 2, VLCD3

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Down another -2.2 pounds from my loadfest, thankfully.

I'm jealous that so many people experience the lack of hunger. I WANT THAT. I felt great on VLCD1, then my hunger creeped up a little on VLCD2 and I was quite hungry last night, which continued through this morning and I've already eaten my lunch. I'm downing the water and the hot tea, but I would love to just feel less hungry. FAGE.

I'm really hoping to be back in the 120s by tomorrow. I haven't eaten my fruit since VLCD1 and I'm thinking of going without if I can, just to speed things up a bit.

Have a wonderful day. I'm off to meet a potential fencing contractor in the pouring rain. Weeeeeeeee!

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  1. LilShelliBelli's Avatar
    Oh my lovely Rabs! Congratulations!!! That's an outstanding loss!!!! I wish you weren't feeling this hunger! What type of HCG are you using? When I was prepping for the first round, I read a lot of posts from people who said that they had more hunger with certain kinds of HCG and less with other brands. I don't really know the validity of that first hand, but that many people can't be wrong.

    Either way, I really hope the hunger issue goes away. A personal opinion thought: If you are experiencing this much hunger, I personally wouldn't cut any of the food allowances out if you don't have to. I know the thought of losing faster is so appealing, but at the expense of you not feeling well, I don't know if I would make that sacrifice.

    First round, I didn't eat the grissini a lot. But I have eaten it 3 out of 4 times already this round and all fruit allowances because after P4, my body was so used to eating those calories and throughout the day. We are all different and have different conditions that need to have exceptions made, but if you don't have to skip these extra calories your allowed, I wouldn't. Not yet anyways. I want so much for you to feel that happy, content, not hungry feeling so bad it's grinding at me!

    I hope you feel a little better today and have fun with the fencing contractor..in the rain (bah! it's monsooning out here too! grrr). xoxo
  2. Miche's Avatar
    Congrats Rabo (thank god my autocorrect has stopped changing that to Rambo) on your loss..... Looks like you are on a downward trend... You will be there in no time! Sorry to hear about hunger though... I didn't deal with it at all round 1 but this round I spent the last 10 of 14 days adjusting. Still not perfect but definitely doable! My dose seemed to be to high as I was always hungry after shot in the morning.....

    I agree with Shelli... Maybe should eat the fruit... You don't want your body to get used to not eating good carbs... I eat mainly strawberries and an apple every other day. I also have at least one lemon/lime in my water daily.

    Do you drink coffee? I have also found that keurig flavored coffees seem to curb appetite at least a little!

    Good luck with fence today.... It is about to pour here as well!
  3. Rabo's Avatar
    Thanks lovely ladies. Haha @ Rambo. Rabo is a very masculine sounding name (pronounced Rae-bo) and it's my nickname from my hubs. Rachel is my name. :-)

    I'm using the hcg from safemeds4all. Manufacturers name : Bharat serums; Generic Name : Human chorionic gonadotrophin ( HCG ) Hucog 2000 i.u. Highly Purified. I diluted with 4 cc bac water.

    I'll eat the grapefruit for lunch (since I ate my lunch already).

    I drink one cup of coffee in the morning and drink lots of hot tea in the afternoon. I can't drink my coffee black so I have to limit myself.

    I injected myself this morning (105iu) and still feel hungry, so what does that mean? That my dose is still too high? I'm pounding water and tea trying to push through this but I'm feeling a little frustrated and concerned that I'll never get my dosage right.
  4. Miche's Avatar
    Here is a copy from Beth's explanation of hcg in system.... It helped me a ton....

    "If there's ever a big doubt about going up or down after a skip. I'd be apt to err higher first. it is much easier to correct a dose that's too high quickly with a skip day than it is to increase a dose that is too low. There is no rhyme or reason sometimes to the cycles we deal with when in P2.

    I'm sure you know the math on the dosing, but I'll spill it anyway. From what I believe, you were at 125, did a skip day then dosed at 120iu and now at 130iu. If that is correct and knowing that hcg is in the body for 72 hours from dosing, I calculate levels like this..

    before skip = 125/ 125/125/125 = average of 72hrs 125iu of course. Now the way this works to me is that after you take that 4th injection on the list the longer into the day you are the less the first 125iu is counting.

    skip day = 125/ 125/125/0 = average of 72hrs 83iu So this would be the level of hcg in your body on the morning of the day after the skip day.

    day after skip = 125/ 125/0/120 = average of 72hrs 82iu - so this morning before your injection of 130iu that was the level of hcg in your body.

    2nd day after skip = 125/ 0/120/130 = average of 72hrs 83iu - this would be the level tomorrow morning before your next injection.

    3rd day after skip = 0/ 120/130/130 = average of 72 hours 126.6iu - this would be your level Tuesday morning before your injection"

    If that doesn't make sense, find it in General hCG diet info under please ask questions here on page 1586.

    If I haven't confused you enough....

    BTW, my name is Michelle! ��
  5. maggiep's Avatar
    Wish I had more help for you, but all I can offer is well wishes! I hope you solve this hunger thing soon!! Thank God my dose came out the gate correct!!
  6. pookster's Avatar
    I am hungry today too..maybe I should eat my fruit or a breadstick? I never did in R1..but I dunno I am still sh*t scared from my 10 pound load.
  7. Rabo's Avatar
    Thanks, Michelle for the info. I'm so tempted to inject myself with .05 when I get home to see if I can take the edge off. If it's easier to adjust when you've got too much hcg, then I'll likely increase tomorrow's dose and see what happens.

    Just not sure how much to go up.

    Pook, I've never eaten the breadstick. I looked at them at the store, but decided I'd prefer to eat a whole grapefruit rather than a half instead of the melba. I've got 311 calories remaining for today and I'm just scared I'm going to eat too much tonight at dinner and I won't make it back to the 120s by tomorrow. I really need to make it back there mentally.

    I just drank the grossest flavored herbal tea - Yogi tea in Vanilla Hazelnut is gag-inducing. Yuuuuuck.
  8. thefoodpassionista's Avatar
    Rabs - You and I will never have that feeling of fullness. Face it we are like donkeys who like to chew. seriously though hopefully it will pass its only Day 3... I would give it about a week then start looking at your dose then.
  9. maggiep's Avatar
    Aaah sorry about the tea Rabo! I love herbal tea, but some out there are awful. I bought one called Throat Coat to counteract my cough, but it's made with licorice, and I HATE licorice.
  10. robert nesta's Avatar
    late nite hunger is the hardest so get some "simply sleep" tylenol or a similar product with same active ingredient - HCG safe and approved and will knock ya out so you will not exp. the late nite hunger pangs - - tylenol pm works fine too -

    consume all food and water min 12 hrs before weigh in


  11. Rabo's Avatar
    Hi Robbie. I love melatonin. I love to go to bed early too. :-)
  12. Dubbles's Avatar
    In phase 2, going to bed early and dvrs so you can fast forward thru the tv food commercials are absolute Musts! I go to bed to watch tv, just so I won't be near the kitchen! Sorry about your hunger. I loved the grissini sticks, crumble one up, put in a tad of milk (from amt allowed) and cook your chicken portion. It is a great change from just baked chicken. I agree with everyone else, eat what you are allowed, especially if you are hungry . Real hunger is not good. I started to feel really hungry last nite, about 10 and didn't want to give in and have my 2nd fruit, but I was afraid I wouldn't be able to sleep, if I didn't have something. So I ate a delicious Honeycrisp apple. I was afraid to weigh in this am, but had a 1.6 lb loss. Hope you are feeling better now Ooops, just saw this was posted 2 days ago.